10 Essential Exterior Design Tips

Sometimes we are so concerned with the interior design of our homes that we forget that the exterior is the first, and sometimes only, thing that people lay their eyes on.

The exterior of your home should stand out and, at the same time, blend in with the rest of its surroundings. To do this effectively, you need to ensure that you choose the right colours, materials and structure for your home. This is definitely not a job for an inexperienced designer.


How to make the exterior of your home visually appealing

Home Materials
There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to selecting building materials for different building purposes. The best way to begin is to prioritise two main qualities of the materials:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable
    You also need to ensure that the materials that you use reflect your personal style as well as compliment other used materials. Using building bricks for your home, for example, suits most styles and compliments all other building materials; wood panels, on the other hand, may not suit an ultramodern home.
    Avoid costly mistakes and speak to a skilled architect to ensure that all your chosen materials will match your expectations.


  • Colour Choices
    Which colours are right for you exterior? With unlimited colour options, choosing the right colour for your home may be a little overwhelming. The first choice you need to make is:

  • Bold,
  • Basic, or
  • A bit of both
    The best way to see if you like a certain colour is to buy two shades of the same colour; one lighter, one darker. You can use one as the main colour and the other as the accent colour.
    Colour has the powerful ability to brighten, draw attention to, create a cosy atmosphere for and widen up almost any area. Use it wisely.


Windows are the soul of your home. They shine light into every single room of your house. Durable windows are essential and, depending on the shape/size of your home, you may either go with symmetrically placed windows, custom designed windows or even floor-to-ceiling windows.
Privacy, UV light, ventilation, views and ease of cleaning are also factors that need to be considered before you install windows, which is why we recommend durable and easy-to-maintain aluminium windows for your home.

Choosing the wrong roof may end up being a disaster. Certain materials such as tile and slate are good choices, however, they are also very heavy, so you need to make sure your home structure can support it. Cost, durability, weight and personal preference are the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting a roof.

Make sure the entrance into your home is inviting. Plants, door knobs, kick plates, rugs, lighting, etc. should contribute to an appealing home entrance.

When it comes to landscaping, you want to make the best of your outdoor area. Plants and trees can complement your actual home as well as your surrounding neighbourhood.
If you can, consider installing a swimming pool in your yard. Fibreglass swimming pools, for example, are easy to install and affordable. As they come in different shapes and sizes, you can find the perfect swimming pool for your yard that suits your landscaping.