3 advantages of aluminium that we forget to appreciate

Aluminium serves a lot more purpose than just being extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. With a broader understanding of aluminium and its unique properties, you will look at objects and buildings around you with new eyes- so many inventions and technological advancements would have failed to succeed without the help of aluminium! 

According to Azom, a leading publication that presents worldwide researchers, engineers and scientists with the latest industry news, aluminium has a long list of physical and chemical advantages: 


Since it does not exert magnetic effects, aluminium can be used to manufacture different measurement devices, electric appliances, instruments, and machines. Some of these include clocks, high voltage hardware, computer discs and dish antennas. 

Sky high strength-to-weight ratio 

Aluminium’s strength beats other materials like copper, mild steel and stainless steel by far. Thanks to aluminium, the sky is no longer the limit! Without a material of this kind, the aerospace industry would be quite a few achievements behind. 

No sparks, no combustion 

Aluminium is the safest material to use for manufacturing flammable materials, or for the construction of buildings in flammable environments. It does not emit spark, nor can it combust. This is why aluminium is used to make petrol nozzles! 
It’s no wonder that such a wide range of fabrication is using aluminium. Its advantages have overflowed into various industries and has even influenced the way that interior designers do things. 

Aluminium doors and windows, for example, are of the most popular design styles in offices and commercial spaces around the world. It can be manipulated into any shape or form, it’s inexpensive, and it comes in a variety of colours and finishes. 

In other words, aluminium has allowed strength and reliability to meet design and aesthetic appeal- making future inventions and concepts both safer and more beautiful for this world.