3 places you didn’t think to put windows

These are the most ideal places to install windows if you want to maximise ventilation and improve the flow of natural light in your home, all while adding a stylish touch to your interior:

The transom windows

These windows are normally installed above doors, or at least far above eye level. Placing them above doors saves you precious wall space, while placing them above eye level helps keep privacy intact- since no one can peep through it. For some apartments, transom windows elude the claustrophobic feeling that comes with lower ceilings, for example.

Since these windows don’t need to be opened or closed, the installation process is cheaper and the window/window frames itself remain effortless to maintain.

The room divider

People are falling more and more in love with the window-divider trend. Breaking a big space up into two by using a glass installation enhances privacy (it blocks noise, for example) without making the room feel smaller. It works in reverse too; you can install aluminium windows into a wall between two rooms to create more space and light without resorting to an open-plan design. Interior windows like this also help create better ventilation. ,

The Skylight

This is the best way to flush a space with natural light and cut your electricity bill down. It’s not only that a skylight sheds light, it also helps balance the light in the room, reducing glare and transforming living areas into more open spaces. It also acts as a safety feature- no need to check up on whether it is open or closed, or drawing the blinds shut!

Aluminium is the winning material used in homes across South Africa today because of how it complements the attenuated clean lines of modern design. Aluminium frames, for example, have become the best go-to option for window installation and renovations.

We are quite lucky to be living in South Africa as aluminium’s only downfall does not affect us. What is this downfall, you ask? Well, since aluminium conducts heat and radiates it so rapidly, it cools off much faster than anything else. But since our winters are not so cold, this trivial detail is easy to look past. It remains the most hygienic and aesthetically appealing material for window and door frames on the market.

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