3 Selling Points Of Aluminium Doors For Contractors

Being profitable and successful as a contractor means providing your clients with the best materials and work at the most affordable cost – for both parties. That is why RDA supplies contractors with top quality aluminium doors and windows which provide you with exactly that: an affordable, high-quality product that can be suited to multiple projects.

Three selling points you can offer clients when making use of our aluminium doors and windows

1. Fulfil requirements with minimal expenditure

The most important factor for many clients is cost. Thanks to aluminium being such a lightweight metal, transport and handling are made much easier. That means that you could easily take a full set of aluminium doors to the building sight in a single load, saving on transport costs. Being lightweight and strong also makes aluminium easier to work with onsite, which provides you with the means to make labour more efficient and cost effective as well.

Speaking of strength, the architectural requirements of buildings heavily affect the expenditure (in terms of labour and materials) on foundations. However, by using aluminium extensively in the building you can drastically reduce its weight, and thus reduce the costs associated with the foundations. Yet another way you can offer cost benefits to your clients.

2. Flexibility of purpose

You want to offer as many options as possible, to fit the various functional and design requirements of your projects. Aluminium doors and windows (as well as any other applications) can be made to virtually any shape and size. The material is so versatile and ductile that it can be rolled, forged or cast to match your requirements while still maintaining its strength.

3. Impermeability to odours

The impermeability of aluminium doors is especially useful for food-related commercial projects. Whether it be an abattoir, restaurant or any kind of food preparation facility, these often require ways of keeping odours and flavours from interfering with other products.

Due to aluminium being impermeable (and also non-toxic) it blocks off all aromas and taste substances, making it ideal for these settings. Also, should a fire break out or any other hazard which may cause metals to heat up and melt, aluminium won’t release any harmful gases and will not burn (it will simply melt at temperatures above about 600°C).

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