5 Excellent Benefits Of Side Hung Aluminium Windows

Side hung aluminium windows , also known as casement windows, are one of the types of windows available from RDA . Side hung windows are attached to a window frame by one hinge or more, and are intended to swing out to the side. While that sounds simple, it actually offers a whole host of advantages you may not have considered before.

1. Versatility and Practicality

Side hung aluminium windows are virtually unlimited in their installation potential. Wooden and steel frames have certain limitations regarding size and location. Aluminium windows on the other hand can be made to fit virtually any height and width requirements, as well as being suitable for all climates because they will not corrode, rot or rust. All you need is the aluminium window manufacturers at RDA to make your windows to your required specifications.

2. Solid Security Potential

The strength of aluminium is well known, and side hung aluminium windows can be manufactured to enhance this even further. These windows can be made with hook-shaped locks that are embedded in the frame, meaning there is no exposed hook that could be manipulated. For even more security, simply have your aluminium window suppliers provide you with extra locks around the frame to really give would-be intruders a hard time.

3. Transparent Protection with Quality Glass

Adding to the security of the aluminium windows and their frames is the quality glass available for our windows. With RDA you have a choice between toughened, laminated or double glazed glass. If security is a particular concern where you are installing these windows, laminated glass can have multiple layers added in to make it even more secure (to the point of being effectively bulletproof, if you add enough layers).

4. Efficient Ventilation

Electricity costs and the global move towards greener approaches has everybody scrambling to look for more efficient energy solutions. Side hung aluminium windows are an excellent asset in this regard, firstly with the insulating potential of the aluminium and glass (double glazed windows, especially, provide a great thermal barrier). More than this, side hung windows can also be opened as widely as you like to catch more or less of the breeze outside and direct it into the home or business space to cool things down in the warmer months.

5. Affordable Excellence

Aluminium is not only an aesthetically pleasing material, it is also much more affordable than wood or steel in most cases (especially when you factor in custom designs and quality). What makes side aluminium window suppliers so much more affordable and accessible is that we are providing you with a product that very little maintenance and can go for years without replacement, saving you even more money than the initial purchase savings.

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