5 Factors that Determine the Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Windows

To be considered energy efficient windows need to meet certain criteria. In the home energy efficiency refers to how much energy, electrical or otherwise, is consumed to keep the space cool or warm and well lit. If you make use of energy efficient aluminium windows you will save money by using less power to keep the temperature and lighting in your home comfortable and constant.

Thermal Insulation

The basic principle when it comes to understanding aluminium windows and their level of thermal insulation refers to heat lost through the window when it is warmer indoors than outdoors, or vice versa. According to Haringey London up to 40% of a space’s heat can be lost through the windows and doors.

The thermal insulation of any window is dependent on the kind of material used to make the frame, the kind of glass and whether or not a thermal break is installed.

How Double Glazing Acts as Thermal Insulation:

With a tight aluminium window frame, that is properly installed, there should be no air leakage. The gap is filled with gas which increases insulation between the two panes of glass. This is illustrated by Greenspec below:

greenspec aluminium windows

Generally speaking many kinds of glass can be used for windows including tempered, tinted, toughened, stained or insulated glass. When it comes to energy efficiency, as explained above, double glazed windows are best, especially when paired with an aluminium window frame.

High quality aluminium windows from RDA Aluminium window suppliers are durable and can function perfectly for many years before needing to be replaced. Aluminium window frames are durable and better heat conductors than wood or vinyl making them ideal in hot climates like South Africa’s. This makes them the best once-off solution.

The lifespan of the material used to make windows plays a huge role in how energy efficient they are. Aluminium windows are exceedingly durable as mentioned above. This, paired with the fact that aluminium is 100% recyclable, makes it the most sustainable and therefore the most energy efficient material to use.

  1. The Type of Glass Used
  2. Durability
  3. Sustainability
  4. Air Flow and Ventilation

If there happens to be a leak in your window you will need to run a heater or air conditioner for much longer to achieve the desired temperature, thus using more energy. If you have your windows professionally installed by aluminium window suppliers it makes them all the more energy efficient by ensuring no leaks and tight, lasting seals.

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