5 Signs You Need New Aluminium Windows

When windows start showing signs of deterioration and age, this may be a sign that they need to be replaced. In which case, you might as well replace your windows with aluminium ones that’ll stand the test of time. Available in a wide variety of styles to suit your specific needs, aluminium windows won’t disappoint.

Here’s how to tell if you need new windows:

1. You’re experiencing leaks

Leaks, regardless of the severity, can cause major problems during the rainy season. It’s best to have a look at the problem whilst it’s still a small issue, rather than leaving it to become a costly fix later on.

2. Your windows fail to lock

Security is of big concern, especially for the times we live in. Having windows which fail to lock can put your family or business premises at risk when it could’ve easily been avoided simply by replacing your old, outdated windows with reliable, strong aluminium windows.

3. Cleaning becomes an issue

As window frames age, they become more difficult to clean. You may notice unsightly stains where there should be none. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it’ll give you an opportunity spend less time cleaning – more time enjoying your new windows.

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4. They look aesthetically unsightly

Unsightly windows can make your home look uncared for. This can in turn reduce the initial value of your home, especially if you’re thinking of selling.

5. You can feel a draft

Feeling a draft is a sign that your windows aren’t locking properly, which poses a security risk to your premises and increases your utility bill, especially during the cold winter months. Ensure you’re kept warm and safe by installing new aluminium windows to match your existing architecture and personal style.

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