Advantage of Selling Aluminium Doors & Windows to Customers

As a contractor, you should strive to offer your customers the best quality building materials and products. When it comes to doors and windows, aluminium is the most cost-effective, energy efficient, quality and practical material used for frames.

Here are a few facts you can point out to any customer about aluminium windows:

Slim fitting with maximum strength

Despite the actual aluminium frames being a lot slimmer, the actual material is very strong. Aluminium is a light, sturdy material, making it ideal for ambitious home renovations and extensions – large windows and doors; even panoramic glass walls and other modern designs.

Maximum security

Aluminium frames can’t be cut or snapped so, when it comes to security, they provide absolute safety.

Available in different finishes

People often think that aluminium is only available in its original colour form; this is not true. Aluminium door and window frames are available in a range of powder coated colours that can blend in with colour and style themes.

Available in different styles

What is your client looking for? There are so many styles available, such as sliding doors, folding doors, side hung windows, top hung windows and horizontal sliding windows; plus, custom made designs and sizes. So weather your client wants to install smaller windows for more privacy or bigger windows that let in sufficient sunlight, aluminium windows are ideal for them.

Easy to clean and maintain

If your client does not want to spend hours cleaning and maintaining their doors and windows then they must definitely install aluminium doors and windows. They require minimum maintenance and cleaning.

Can be insulated

Aluminium doors and windows can be insulated with a thermal barrier called a thermal break. This barrier prevents cold from seeping inside and heat from escaping out the house.