Aluminium Frames And Glass: The Perfect Match

Interior designers are in love with glass doors and windows. This is because house necessities are able to be used not only for functionality but also for aesthetics.

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If you have the opportunity of designing or revamping your house, you are able to choose your own style thus imparting your personal input and taste. These days, glass can be beautifully curved and crafted into any shape and size you desire. Flawless aluminium frames can be conveniently designed to fit any glass shape thus making it the perfect match for the uniquely crafted glass.

You can double up the glass

Installing double glazing is absolutely worth it. It lets in just as much sunlight as normal glass, however it holds heat better. This will help keep your house warm and a little more soundproof. Basically, two layers if glass is set in an aluminium frame with a hermetically sealed space between them. This is ideal for the South African climate- especially the cold winter months.

You can be kind to the environment

In this modern day and age, conserving the environment has become one of the most important issues. The glass industry is involved when it comes to the green movement. Many techniques are performed in order to make sure energy is saved during the glass-making process. Combine glass with aluminium, the most energy efficient metal, and you have an environmentally friendly combo! Glass doors and windows bring in more heat and light into your house, therefore electricity is also spared.

Glass possibilities are endless

Amazing advances in the glass industry have been made. You are now able to install glass that is uniquely decorated, capable of functioning in place of burglar bars and gates, UV repelling, mirror-like, privacy enhancing and soundproof.