Aluminium Shopfronts: What you’re really offering

First impressions can make or break a business, and that is why you want to install aluminium shopfronts. You know how great they are, but what do you tell your customers when they ask what makes aluminium shopfronts so special? Here are a few simple yet powerful answers you can give them.

It’s safe

You want to provide your customers with safety, and the layered glass used in quality aluminium storefronts is perfect for this. Because of the adhesives used between the glass layers, your customers are protected against any shatter related risks and injuries if the glass is damaged, as it won’t shatter.

Another handy feature of this layered glass is that the more layers you add, the stronger it gets. If you add enough layers it can even become bulletproof.

Thermal breaks

If you are building a retail space for your clients, the comfort of their clientele is obviously a major concern. After all, no matter how safe people are, they won’t want to hang around in a shop that isn’t comfortable. That is why you are offering them the comfort of an aluminium shopfront.

Aluminium is naturally insulated against temperature changes, keeping much of the heat either in or out. Another brilliant option available from modern aluminium window suppliers is the thermal break, which is basically insulation that’s built into the frame of the aluminium windows.

As the name implies, a thermal break creates a barrier between the temperatures on either side of the aluminium store front. So on cold days, the cold is kept out with minimal heating needed inside. And if they are experiencing hot days, the shop is kept cool without needing to overuse the air conditioning system.

So, on top of keeping their customers comfortable and happy, your clients will save a pretty penny on energy usage.

Get the best

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