Aluminium Window Frames Compared To Wooden Frames

Aluminium and wood are common window frame options both in commercial and residential construction work. Wood has a long history of use and comes in a wide variety rendering it more versatile than aluminium. On the other hand, aluminium frames are more modern and have metallic properties that wood does not have.


There are many common window frame options including vinyl, fiberglass, wood and aluminium. Window frames are designed to perform certain tasks. Many people install window frames that complement the design and décor of the surrounding building. In addition, window frames should properly seal windows to prevent heat transference, which helps to save energy. Both wood and aluminium window frames come in a wide range of sizes and designs to accommodate any type of window.

Heat Transference

Since aluminium is a metal, it conducts and transfers heat better than wood. Therefore, aluminium frames will easily transfer heat from indoor to outdoor spaces and vice versa making it more difficult to control temperatures inside a building. Consequently, aluminium may not be the best option for homeowners who are keen on conserving energy. On the other hand, well-sealed wood frames are quiet efficient in preventing heat loss and moderating temperatures inside buildings.


Wood frames are less durable than aluminium. Wood has limited lifespan because it is adversely affected by moisture and weather, and will warp and crack with time, limiting its usefulness. On the other hand, aluminium frames are resistant to rust and hardly change shape. Aluminium frames are likely to last the life of a building, and are more suiting for building owners who prioritize durability and prefer window frames that will not be affected by unexpected stress.


Wood frames come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and qualities. In addition, wood can be carved to give frames more ornate patterns and designs. Aluminium frames do not provide the same level of flexibility and are available in very few styles. Wood frames are more aesthetic and work better with decorative themes. Therefore, wood frames are more suitable for residential settings while aluminium window frames are more suiting for corporate settings.