Best windows for public spaces

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas on 25 August 2017; the damage faced by victims was extreme and Harvey left chaos in its wake. The hurricane caused damage on a massive scale: it destroyed 9000 homes, 700 businesses and seriously affected 185000 other buildings. The windows of almost every building in Hurricane Harvey’s way were blown out as seen in the debris of shattered glass.

Although South Africa does not experience natural disasters as often as the United States, the devastation and suffering that Hurricane Harvey has done should make us all reflect. You should take a look at your business’s structural integrity; does it have the ability to withstand weather conditions and other potential threats?

Aluminium windows

Consider aluminium windows for your business, office or public space to ensure the highest level of safety. These windows are secure and weatherproof which makes them the best choice for public spaces that encounter traffic and are required to keep occupants safe from the elements.

RDA, the top aluminium window manufacturers in Johannesburg, specialises in strengthening and improving any space from homes to commercial buildings. RDA Aluminium designs, manufactures and installs shop fronts, double glazed units and curtain walling.

Double glazed windows

Double glazed units carry multiple benefits for a building and the people using it which makes these units ideal for public spaces. You will save money on energy costs because the glass retains temperature well; it will not only cost less to keep a space cool this summer but it will also cause the space to cool down faster for employees’ and customer’s comfort.

The space between the two panels of glass – which allows for better insulation – also prevents condensation and foggy windows. This air pocket also improves sound insulation as it creates an additional barrier between the outdoors and the space inside.

Double glazed windows are sturdier and more durable than single pane glass windows. The aluminium frames mean windows are sealed tightly and are harder to break into. This realisation may be enough to ward off someone trying to force an entry.

For spaces that function as show rooms or galleries, double glazed windows are essential. The element that deteriorates furniture and paintings the fastest is the sun. If you invest in double glazed windows you can ensure that your showroom or gallery is protecting the merchandise and masterpieces from (the often overlooked) potential damage.

Invest in your space’s future with high quality aluminium windows.