Clearing Up A Misunderstanding: Glazing Gaskets

When you hear the word ‘gasket’, you probably think of the phrase, ‘blowing a gasket’. Most people only ever hear about gaskets in this saying or as a part of a car, again something that is known for ‘blowing’. So this naturally causes a lot of confusion around glazing gaskets in aluminium doors and windows, which is why RDA is here to help you understand these gaskets a bit.

What is a glazing gasket?

A gasket is simply a rubber or rubber-like material that has been pre-formed into a particular shape. This gasket is then used to fill/seal a joint/opening, and its shape depends on the particular application. For instance, those used in a car’s engine will be very different to those used in aluminium doors and windows.

The ‘glazing’ part comes in with the definition of glazing as the process of installing these gaskets, usually as strips, to fill the openings in doors, windows, and similar applications. So it makes sense that these rubber or rubber-like strips are called ‘glazing gaskets’.

Why use glazing gaskets?

You may wonder, like many others, why you should use glazing gaskets instead of something like putty or caulk to seal the glass of your aluminium doors and windows in place. Well, firstly, these methods would ruin the clean, modern look of your aluminium, taking away from the aesthetic of the material whereas gaskets only further enhance this.

In terms of functionality and security, glazing gaskets hold your glass panes in place without bonding to them, providing very effective cushioning. Gaskets also allow the glass to ‘float’ between them, providing better stability and lower chances of breakage in the face of weather conditions like heavy winds or extreme temperatures. What’s more, should the glass break it is a simple matter for professionals to remove what’s left of the broken glass and put in the replacement without damaging or dirtying your doors.

The answer to the misunderstanding:

Glazing gaskets are not something that can blow up in your doors. They are an effective means of securing your glass panes and helping to protect against any damages, and they provide a modern aesthetic that appeals to both commercial and residential projects.

Interested in acquiring aluminium doors in Gauteng that use our special glazing gaskets? Contact us and the RDA team will see to it that you get what you need, from aluminium folding doors to windows and more.