Create Endless Possibilities with Aluminium Folding Doors

As a building contractor you should be looking for ways to set yourself apart from the competition. And there is definitely a lot of competition in the construction industry. So what you need is something that is adaptable and affordable, to give your clients endless options at great prices. At RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. we have just the thing to give you that edge with aluminium folding doors in Gauteng!

Bring the outdoors in

For both your commercial and residential clients, this is an attractive feature. Because aluminium folding doors aluminium folding doors fold up in a concertina fashion they can easily be pushed entirely to one side where they will take up virtually no space. And just like that you can give them a wide opening that connects indoor and outdoor spaces. You can market this as an energy-efficient way to cool a home without air conditioners or as an adaptively spacious design feature for businesses, especially car dealerships and restaurants.

Another interesting option would be to suggest building a quartyard somewhere within a home which can be walled out with aluminium folding doors. By doing this your clients can have an indoor garden or even a relaxing sunroom, all accessible by simply folding the doors out of the way. And they will still save on both money and space.

Safety against the elements

Due to the resilience of aluminium as a material in general, aluminium folding doors in Gauteng are a great way keep your clients safe and comfortable. As mentioned above, being able to open these doors wide is a great way to cool down, but thanks to aluminium’s natural insulating capabilities it will also keep the heat out when closed. So depending on whether the heat makes its way in or not, your clients always have a solution. Also, because aluminium doors are so lightweight and ideal to manufacture you can guarantee your client that the rain which comes along with the summer heat and the winter chill will be locked out.

There is another element that aluminium doors in Gauteng are especially effective against: the criminal element. Lightweight as it is, aluminium is still one of the toughest metals around and will resist intrusion as well as can be expected from any material. For even more security our laminated glass, which comes standard with all aluminium folding doors, qualifies as a safety glazing material. This means it can handle impact damage while remaining intact – thanks to its vinyl layer – and can even be made bullet-proof with enough layers added in. Also, as we manufacture our aluminium doors in Gauteng you can guarantee your clients speedy replacements in the event that any breakage should occur.

This is just barely the tip of the iceberg of ideas, designs and guarantees available to you with aluminium folding doors. So get in touch with us at RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. to discover just how you can use our reliable products to boost your own business.