Do aluminium door and window frames rust?

When installing windows, you want to make sure that you use the best type of material for your door and window frames. As the common steel, iron and wood frames are used by many builders, aluminium is definitely a material to consider. Aluminium door and window frames are robust, thus can with stand a great amount of pressure. One question that I’ve heard been asked many times is:

“Do aluminium door and window frames rust?”

This is a fair question as rust can put a huge damper on the overall aesthetics of a house. Aluminium frames do not rust like other metals; however they do corrode. The part of the aluminium that corrodes is known as aluminium oxide, which is a chemical compound of both aluminium and oxygen. The aluminium oxide is a strong material that protects the rest of the aluminium from further corrosion.

The aluminium oxide corrosion is not very visible; it usually has a dull grey or powdery white appearance thus making it less visible than damages on materials like rust or iron.

Obviously no metal is indestructible thus you should do your part to take care of aluminium frames to prevent corrosion. Make sure clean the frames with a strong, commercial cleaner to get rid of any grease, oil and other stains. Use a soft cloth to wipe the windows while cleaning them. Most importantly, use a dry cloth to remove all moisture from the aluminium frames once you are finished cleaning the frames.

So, aluminium doesn’t rust. This makes choosing door and window frames a lot easier as this material is also inexpensive and eco-friendly.

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