Do you want a Modern House?

If you are building or renovating a home, I would suggest that you use modern design techniques and styles. These days the designs that are in fashion are based on style, functionality, simplicity and technological advancements.

The great thing about modern designs is that you can build a house to match your specific needs and not waste your time on useless “frills and spills” that are popular in other design fashions

Here are the different components you need to consider when designing a modern house:

1. What do you need? You need to make sure that you design your house according to how you live and what you need. Consider your job, lifestyle and preferences and make sure that your house is relevant and functional.

2. What should the design of your house be? Modern houses are usually simplistic and technology-based. The designs are streamlined and very clean cut. Glass balustrades are often used as they allow for a modern and simple yet elegant look. Cement and steel are usually the main building essentials.

3. What windows and doors should you use? Most modern houses use aluminium doors and windows as aluminium is a light, strong material that can hold large shapes and pieces of glass. Folding aluminium sliding doors also save a lot of space and look very nice. The key to a good modern house is to make sure that you allow a lot of natural light into the building therefore big windows and doors that allow light in are highly recommended.

4. What lighting should you install? Different styles and types of lights are used, such as dimmers, wall lamps, spotlights, white lights, LED lights, etc. Good lighting is essential, not only to create a modern styled house but also for your eyesight.

5. What should the interior colours themes be? Neutral colours with a splash of bright, bold colours are mostly used. Most colour themes are accepted as long as the various colours used complement each other.

6. What furniture should you buy? The simpler, the better. Make sure that the furniture suites your interior design, does not take up too much space to make any area cramped and is not antique.