Gain a Fresh Outlook with Curtain Walls

Aluminium doors and windows are revolutionising the construction industry, and they have been for quite some time. You’ve probably seen some of the construction options they provide you, but you just didn’t realise it. For example, those tall buildings with an entire front made of glass? Those aren’t just windows there, those are actually curtain walls.

What are curtain walls?

Curtain walls are thin, non-structural walls usually made of aluminium (it is the most ideal material to use for this application). Curtain walls are referred to as non-structural because they do not carry any of the floor or roof load of the building’s structure, but they are connected to the structure. It is through this connection that the force of winds and gravity are transferred to the building’s structure.

There are two types of curtain wall classifications available from aluminium windows manufacturers in Johannesburg: stick systems and unitised/modular systems. In stick systems long strips (the ‘sticks’) of aluminium are erected and glazed on the construction site before being installed, whereas in the unitised system these frames are erected and glazed in the factory and then shipped to the site as a complete unit.

The benefits

The first benefit is the cost. Because aluminium as a material is highly affordable, using curtain walls for the exterior of your construction projects allows you to offer more competitive pricing. You are also able to provide clients with the most economical option based on whether they need less material with more complicated requirements (stick systems) or quicker installation in the case of taller structures or higher labour costs.

Curtain walls are also an extension of the energy efficiency offered by aluminium doors and windows. They are water-tight and to keep rain and other leaks out while also operating as a thermal break to keep temperatures regulated. This reduces the need for electricity expenditure on air conditioning. And with the option to select the opacity of the glass installed with the frame, you have the potential to reduce the need for artificial light by allowing in more natural light.

Convenience is another factor. Because we specialise in manufacturing all things aluminium, you are able to source not only your curtain walls but also all your aluminium doors and windows from us here at RDA Aluminium Doors and Windows cc. This means further cost savings for both you and your clients, as well as vastly increased convenience since all these materials can be sourced from a single supplier.

To get everything you need from one aluminium window manufacturer in Johannesburg simply contact us. We will be happy to meet with you and see exactly what we can do to fill your aluminium door and window needs.