Get to Know Your Window Options

Your clients live in homes, not prisons, and part of a home’s charm is the style of windows which open the home up to the outside world. At RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. we pride ourselves on being quality aluminium window manufacturers in Johannesburg, where people need windows to let the cool in and to keep them safe. A lot of your customers won’t know the difference between the various aluminium window choices though, so here are some easy descriptions you can pass along.

Side hung windows

Side hung aluminium windows are actually one of the most commonly found varieties. The reason these windows are referred to as side hung is because the hinges are installed vertically along the side of the window, allowing it to swing out. Because the hinges are on the side, and the window is supported by – or hanging from – the hinges, the window is known as a side hung window. Simple. Top hung windows Much like the side hung variety, the name of top hung aluminium windows also describes how they are attached to the window frame. In this case the top hung aluminium windows hang from hinges placed horizontally above the window, allowing it to swing up as you open it. The benefit of using aluminium with top hung windows is that because aluminium is exceptionally light, the window doesn’t need that awkward arm-latch to prop it open; you’ll be able to simply unlatch it, push it open, and even enjoy washing your windows every now and then without anything getting in your way. For those who are still worried about top hung windows dropping and snapping shut, rest assured that RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. only manufactures the best quality aluminium windows with toughened or laminated glass. The glass we install in our windows is held to the high standards and requirements set by the South African Glass and Glazing Association, so clients know that their windows should be more than capable of withstanding a few slams. Horizontal sliding windows There are many clients out there who want something extraordinary for their homes, and for them we have the option of horizontal sliding windows. Unlike the more traditional top and side hung aluminium windows, these sliding windows have little wheels and are installed along a track. Then, instead of pushing the window open you simply slide it to the side and leave it; no hanging, no falling, no stress. All of our aluminium windows at RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. are manufactured specifically to suit your needs, and we are fully equipped and prepared to take on custom requirements. Our aluminium windows are completely weatherproof and highly durable, while also being attractive and affordable. Contact us and get the best for your projects and clients!