Holiday Safety Tips

The Festive season is coming and everyone is excited to get a bit of a break from work and go off on a vacation with their loved ones, however, as South Africans this can also cause a lot of stress as we always worry about whether our homes are safe when we are away.

Extra security precautions should be taken during these times to ensure that your home is safe and that you can go away hassle free.

Here are a few tips for making sure that your home, and belongings stay safe.

• Make sure that you have a properly functioning alarm system before going away.

• Make sure that all sliding doors are fitted with secure locks. It is very common for burglars to lift sliding doors off their rails. For more information on sliding doors visit:

• Make sure that all windows and doors are locked and that windows have burglar guards. It is very easy for burglars to break through windows that are not properly secure. For more information on durable and safe window and door frames click here.

• Cancel newspaper deliveries and ask someone to clear your post box every few days – piled up newspapers and post is a sign of an empty house that is an easy target.

• Don’t leave tools such as a spade in your garden, and make sure that there are no tools around that could aid burglars.

• Do not leave keys hidden anywhere around your home, like under a pot or doormat.

• Don’t leave keys inside of doors.

• Install a security light with a motion sensor that only goes on when there is movement in the area (if someone enters your garden). Do not leave outside lights on while you are away – lights left on are a sure sign of an empty house.