How To Care For Your Aluminium Door And Window Frames

Aluminium used for door and window frames is designed to withstand any weather conditions. However, by following these maintenance tips you can ensure that you get the maximum life-cycle out of your aluminium frames.

Aluminium products require the following care;

  • Care during and prior to installation
  • Cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis after installation

    Here’s how:

    Initial cleaning:

  • A professional cleaning company should conduct the initial cleaning of the aluminium products – usually the company that installs or supplies the aluminium door or window frames will cover this.
  • During installation be sure that no concrete materials, corrosives or solvents etc. get stuck to or are allowed to set on the frame as this will damage the material permanently.
  • Take care not to scratch any glass surfaces during instillation as this will result in permanent damage.
  • Remove any stickers by soaking them before attempting to remove them. Do not scrub.

    General maintenance

  • Ensure that no outdoor sprinklers are installed close to, or pointing at, aluminium windows or doors.
  • Keep all aluminium parts dry as far as possible.
  • When cleaning use non-abrasive cleaners or mild soapy water on frames.
  • Use a mild soapy water or window-cleaning solution, and a soft sponge or cloth to clean glass surfaces.
  • Dry with a soft cloth to ensure that all water is removed from glass, frames, hinges, sealant etc. to avoid damage.
  • Hardware components should be lubricated with a silicon spray with a straw applicator.
  • Never use any chemicals, solvents, or abrasive cleaners on your aluminium frames.
  • Never use a steel brush or any scrubbing or abrasive pads when cleaning your aluminium frames.
  • Do not use a high-pressure cleaner or high pressure spray nozzle.

    How often should you clean? Here is a guideline of what to lean when


    - Clean glass as described above on a monthly basis or when necessary
    - Clean all aluminium surfaces if you live in coastal regions
    - Visually inspect all surfaces for any sign of damage or water leaks and ensure that all components – including hinges and locking mechanisms – are functioning correctly

    - Clean all aluminium surfaces as instructed above – for non-coastal areas
    - Clean out the roller assembly and tracks and other hardware to ensure that no dust accumulates

    - Inspect the weather-stripping seals around window frames to ensure that they have not become brittle
    - Inspect insulated or double-glazed glass for moisture between panes.