How To Make Sure Your Aluminium Windows And Doors Are Secure

While aluminium has proven its strength in spacecraft and even military vehicles, most home and business owners want something a little more domestic in their protection. Now, with advancements in manufacturing technology and methods, you can offer your clients that level of safety with aluminium windows and doors.

Here are some key factors to look out for to make sure your door and window installations are secure.

Install multipoint locks

One of the most innovative yet simple solutions for securing aluminium windows and doors is the multipoint lock. As the name implies, these locks have multiple locking points (typically a minimum of three, plus the latch) along the length of the door or window.

This makes it extremely difficult for would-be intruders to gain entry by fiddling with the latch, and even if they manage to get one locking point open there are numerous others to get through. And best of all, as professional aluminium window and door manufacturers our RDA team can supply frames specifically to take these locking mechanisms for optimal efficacy.

Check the glass’s installation

Intruders have been known to remove the beading on some windows, using this to remove the glass and gain entry. Sadly, this is usually just because of poor quality materials or installation.

What you need to look out for is that all of your materials are in good condition before you begin installation (if anything is damaged in transit, replace it first). In order to make sure that your rubber beading is properly installed, remember to cut the backs of the corner bits so that they fit snuggly and do not bulge out to disrupt the gasket. Once this is done, make sure to knock your gasket into place over the beading (firmly, but with care to not damage the glass).

Only use trusted suppliers

This is the most important aspect going into any project. You can install everything to the best of your ability, but if your materials do not match up then they will fail you and your clients before long.

That’s why we suggest contacting us for your aluminium window and door needs, because we guarantee the quality of our products. As members of the Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA) and the South African Glass and Glazing Association (SAGGA) we are bound by strict codes of ethics and high requirements to always provide quality.