Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Renovating your home is usually a very expensive project, so deciding which elements you should upgrade is quite daunting. However, one particularly important element that you should consider replacing is your windows- especially if they are very old and looking tacky!

So, when deciding whether to repair or replace any damaged windows during a renovation, consider the following questions:

Question #1: Are your windows damaged or broken?

If any of your windows are slightly damaged, you might get away with a minor repair; however, replacing as opposed to repairing your windows is usually the smarter route to go, as even if your windows are still in working condition, more problems can develop in the future.

Question #2: Are your windows difficult to open or shut?

If you battle to open or shut your windows, it is definitely time to replace your old windows, especially when it comes to older wooden and metal side hung and top hung windows.

Question #3: Are your windows energy efficient?

Windows can either contribute to making your home more energy efficient or cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. How so? Well, windows allow your house to heat up or cool down. The placement of and the materials used for your windows play a big role in ensuring that your windows are energy efficient.

Question #4: Are your windows looking shabby?

The state of your windows can make a huge difference to the interior and exterior appearance of your home. If your windows’ colours are fading or the material is warping, replace the windows to improve the overall appearance of your home.

Question #5: Do you feel drafts in your home?

Most windows, even top quality windows will allow a certain amount of airflow throughout your home; however, if your windows are shut, you should not notice or feel any draft in your home at all. Over time, when windows wear out, more air will be let in and out of your home; this indicates that its time for new windows, or at least window repairs, especially of the air leak is caused by worn out sealing

Question #6: Is there any condensation inside the glass of the window

When it comes to double or triple-paned windows, you may find that there is condensation on the inside of the glass, which causes the window to seem foggy. This means it’s time to get them replaced!

Question #7: Does your home receive enough sunlight

Consider installing bigger windows to let more sunlight into your home. Install large aluminium windows to ensure that your windows are affordable, durable and easy to have installed in your home.

For more information on replacing windows, contact RDA Aluminium window suppliers in Johannesburg.