Need Window Replacements? We Can Help You!

At some point or another, windows need to be replaced. We know that home renovations can cost a lot of money, which is why we want to provide you with advice to help you save time and money.

Do You Need To Replace Your Windows? Consider the following before deciding whether or not to replace your windows:

Single Pane Widows

If there is only one pane of glass in your windows, it’s definitely time to make a move and replace your windows. These types of windows are not energy efficient at all as they allow the most heat to transfer in and out your home.

Broken Mechanisms/ Stuck Windows

If your windows do not open or close properly, there is really no use for them.

Condensation Between Glass

Double/ triple pane windows contain a fine gap between the glass panes. If vapour forms between the glass, you need to replace your whole window.

Damaged Window Seals

Once your window seals have failed, your windows won’t close like they’re supposed to. This will contribute to increased energy usage.

Doesn’t Dampen Noise

A peaceful, tranquil house is always preferred. If your window does not to some extent reduce the transfer of sound from outdoors to indoors, it is a sign that you need new windows.

Difficult To Find Replacement Parts

If your windows cannot be repaired due to difficult to find and replace parts, replace your windows.

Which Window Frames Should I Choose?

Although various window frames can be installed, aluminum window frames are the most versatile, convenient and cost-effective window frames that can be used for high-rise, commercial and residential buildings.

For more information, contact RDA Aluminium. We provide quality aluminum doors and windows.