Opening Up With Aluminium Folding Doors

As a contractor, your first priority is to provide your customers with the best possible products and service. That’s why you install aluminium doors and windows. But to really give your customers the very best in all situations you need to know exactly what they need, and where. Here are some ideas for when you can suggest Aluminium folding doors as the best solution for your customers’ needs.

Better use of space

Many homeowners are opting for smaller, minimalistic homes these days, and businesses are also being forced to look for smaller premises due to cost restraints. With aluminium folding doors you can provide all of these clients with an affordable and space-efficient solution.

It has been found that standard sliding doors use roughly 10 times less space than ordinary doors. With aluminium doors’ capability to fold up in a concertina pattern this number skyrockets, because where standard sliding doors only open up half of the total space the folding doors move out of the way completely, giving you a lot more space to move through and use. Also, for both businesses and homes, this complete fold-up means that there is an ample amount of space through which to move furniture and larger goods – such as cars – which is often one of the major difficulties experienced with doors.

Endless design options

The better use of space also fits in with modern design trends, many of which open up in entirely new ways with aluminium folding doors. For homeowners who have a tendency to move things around a lot, or those who want to change their home affordably as their family develops, these folding doors can make effective, adaptable walls. What might be a child’s room, adjoined to the master bedroom, can be opened up again into one big room later; or a large living room can be split into two smaller rooms for when guests stay the night.

For both homes and businesses aluminium folding doors are also a great way to integrate the indoors and outdoors areas. If the weather is great and you want to invite customers in with wide-open spaces or enjoy a cool afternoon at home, you simply slide the panels to one side and your outside and inside become a single, open space.

Spectacular display

Being able to integrate the indoors and outdoors also creates a great range of display possibilities. This combined with the ability to move large objects in and out is especially instrumental to vehicle traders, as it allows their customers to see the goods clearly and leave with purchases or for test drives without any hassle. And for parents who worry when they can’t see their kids playing outside, open or closed the aluminium folding doors provide a wide viewing area to better see the kids outside – as well as any would-be intruders, should security be a concern.

The possibilities are endless, and new ways of using aluminium folding doors are being discovered every day. So get in touch with us at RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows cc. for the best quality aluminium folding doors in Gauteng, and give your clients the very best to suit all their needs.