Quality Aluminium Window Replacement Must-Knows

When renovating your entire house, or even just a single room, replacing windows is a great investment to make. New windows can make your house more attractive, less dafty, quieter and more or less private, depending on your preferences

RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows CC was established 12 years ago, and therefore, we have the knowledge, skills and material to ensure that you install the best aluminium windows when renovating your home.

Here are a few must-knows when it comes to replacing your windows with quality aluminium windows:

Design is as important as material
Ask yourself the following question: What design will improve my home’s energy efficiency? You will need to take into account the type and shape of windows as well as the orientation before you replace your old windows. By installing windows effectively, you will maximise the intake of solar heating, cooling and lighting in your home; this will save you a lot on energy costs.

Focus on adding value
Executing an effective home renovation does not just improve the general appearance of your home; it also plays a big role in improving the resale value of your home. When it comes to effective return on investment, installing aluminium windows is a cost effective way to boost up the resale value of your home.

Make sure the job is done well
Hiring a professional to install your window replacements is crucial. Too many times, people have tried to save money by doing home projects themselves only to shoot themselves in the foot. Windows need to be carefully installed to ensure perfect fitting so that the windows are air sealed. Any faults that may occur from self-installation will cause huge future costs.

Use high quality glass
Up to 40% of energy is lost through windows. This applies to both hot and cold climates. Double glazed windows consist of two layers of glass with a layer of gas seals between them. This doubles the insulation of single glazed glass windows. Installing double glazed windows ensures:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced sun damage to furnishings
  • Better sound insulation


Consider harsh environment conditions

Aluminium windows function well, especially in humid areas. Aluminium is corrosion resistant, making it the perfect material for harsh environmental conditions. Unlike other materials used for windows, aluminium is not susceptible to warping, splitting and cracking over time.