RDA Aluminium South Africa: For Affordable Construction Solutions

RDA aluminium South Africa is a co-operative business that launched its operations back in 2005. The company specialises in design, manufacture and installation of aluminium systems both for domestic and commercial markets. Although the company started out only 8 years ago, their employees have thirty-five years worth of combined experience in aluminium trades.

The company manufactures and installs all the different kinds of aluminium systems that include sliding aluminium doors, sliding folding doors, horizontal sliding windows, side hung and top hung windows, shop fronts, double glazing units, casement windows, etc. All RDA aluminium South Africa products are manufactured from superior quality powder-coated aluminium supplied by Wispeco which is the biggest aluminium supplier in the country.

The company does not manufacture industry standard units. On the contrary, single units are manufactured according to the specific requirements of the project at hand. This means that the customers do not need to bear extra cost for having the process line unit changed according to their required specifications.

RDA specialises in designing and manufacturing sliding aluminium doors of a great variety. However, there are two basic types in these-- the sliding doors and sliding folding doors. The advantage with the latter type is that the panels of these doors can be entirely folded back and therefore they make for greater space and flexibility. The aluminum panels can also be found in different colours like black, bronze, gray and white. However, the company informs that the natural anodized aluminium is the most popular with their customers. Aluminium doors from RDA can be fitted in many different areas of a domestic or commercial building. They can be used as main door, front door, backyard door, exterior outer door, lounge area door, interior view door, etc.

The company also offers different types of aluminium windows. These include top hung windows, side hung windows and horizontal sliding windows. These windows are a cost-effective option both for office buildings and residential places. They also have a strong aesthetic appeal and can easily fit in with different architectural schemes. Moreover, the aluminium windows do not catch rust and do not warp. One can use toughened, laminated or standard glasses for these windows. Double gazing on glass is available on request for all doors and windows from RDA. The company also manufacturers all types of aluminium shop fronts. They offer huge flexibility in designs. The engineers working for the company can design the shop fronts themselves or work according to a pre-given design. All designs from RDA look to utilize the available lighting and space in the best possible manner.

The aluminium has become quite popular in the construction industry. The material gives better protection from weather than most other building materials. It is also rust-proof, extremely durable, flexible and strong. This has made it much popular with construction engineers engaged in designing and building structures for shops, restaurants, supermarkets, office buildings and residential units. RDA aluminium South Africa also boasts of possessing the right infrastructure and expertise for taking up aluminium architecture for larger construction projects such as office blocks and complete houses to providing solutions for large commercial and housing complexes.