Remember, windows are the eyes of your house

It’s amazing how much windows can change the style of a house completely. People are disconcerted with the idea of window renovations and replacement because the job seems like this colossal restoration - but it’s really just a worthwhile project. And it’s not only about the style, it’s about the functions too.

Your window style also:

  • Determines the amount of natural light that flows into a room
  • Determines the direction of the breeze through your home
  • Determines your safety

So if we want to consider all these elements, which design is the best to go for? Here are 3 of the main window styles that you can go for. The images all come from the same source have a look if you want to see more wondrous designs.

Side-Hung Windows

Side hung windows open outwards. They are perfect for modern, industrial, minimalistic style windows.

Top Hung, Framed Windows

These windows work for most home designs including traditional, ranch and French country styles. You can also make it unique and decide how many panes you want and how many of these panes can open or not.

Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows bring out traditional, cottage, bohemian and vintage looks. They work the best in smaller spaces like bathrooms and studies.

But all these windows have wooden frames?

One thing is for sure, natural wood is stunning. But in today’s time, we have to make sure that everything we invest in will be good for us in the long run. Can wood really withstand extreme weather conditions, and can harsh weather even rinse away the dirt and stains that start to build up in grooves and corners?

Incorporating aluminium into your new window design is your best option!

  • You can customise your design into any size, shape or form, and to mimic any style
  • You can choose a colour finish.
  • You don’t have to ever, ever worry about grim and grease.
  • You are protecting the environment.

Installing new aluminium windows, or even doors, is the easiest and most affordable way to do proper, life-changing home renovations.