Secure aluminium doors for your store front

With a staggering figure of 57 retail store robberies on a daily basis, safety has become a major concern for store owners. As a well-known crime hotspot, aluminium sliding doors in Johannesburg are an essential safety feature in modern times. Sliding doors are a much safer option than folding doors, but their safety benefits reach much further than simply their design.

It is stronger than you think

It is a common misconception that aluminium is weak due to its lightweight nature. It is, in fact, strong enough for use in most modern vehicles like cars, trucks, and even NASA space craft. Customers can slam your sliding aluminium door shut without you needing to worry about it breaking and injuring them, and in the event of an attempted robbery you can rest assured that your aluminium door will hold against most impacts and assaults.

Protection from the elements included

Store entrances are always being bombarded by the weather, not just people. The thunderstorms infamous in Gauteng can be particularly vicious, but with a properly glazed aluminium door, your store’s entrance will stay air-tight and protected through the storm.

Both you and your customers will be protected from cold gusts of wind and the whisking away of paperwork in the wind. Your entrance will also be leak-proof, so your goods and papers (and bank account) will be safe from any expensive water damage.

Your aluminium door also comes complete with extra, regulation-approved, safety material: laminated glass. This laminated glass adds to the weather-proof aspects of your door by providing further protection in the form of UV-resistance to shield you from the scorching Johannesburg sun.

Laminated glass guarantees safety

Laminated glass is made up of layers of glass joined together with a vinyl interlayer. This vinyl interlayer helps to keep it intact even if it breaks, qualifying it as quality safety glazing material. Its protective interlayer allows it to handle impact damage, preventing an opening into your store being created. With the addition of these extra layers your aluminium door becomes increasingly burglar- and even bullet-proof!

As an added bonus, laminated glass is generally well stocked, which prevents your store from suffering long periods with damaged or missing windows which is visually displeasing as well as dangerous.

Give your customers the safety and peace of mind they deserve with aluminium doors in Johannesburg.