Setting Renovation Goals for 2019 with RDA Aluminium

2019 has just begun and many of us are already setting our sights on our renovation ideas for the year ahead. One way to bring your space to the forefront of the 21st century is to replace old outdated window frames with new ones from RDA Aluminium. Architectural aluminium for doors and windows can completely change the way people look in from the outside and the functionality of your aluminium window frames will give your home an undeniable upgrade.

Make the Switch: Wood to Aluminium

If your space is still sporting wooden window frames which creak, leak and crackle RDA Aluminium has a solution. Timber windows coast on their aesthetic appeal and have done for years but are ultimately structurally inferior to the strength provided by aluminium.


Admittedly the aesthetic appeal is apparent, however aluminium is the more modern and functional choice. If you have your heart set on timber or other wood options but want to explore the benefits of aluminium you could always get aluminium windows with the look which mimics the appeal of wood.

Architectural aluminium lends itself much better to different designs and varying shapes than wood and is more flexible in a design sense.


Wooden window frames take much more maintenance than aluminium window frames. The low maintenance nature of aluminium will save you precious time, not to mention money that you would otherwise be spending on repairs for cracked and withering wooden window frames.


In extreme weather conditions that South Africa often times falls prey to, aluminium windows are ideal. Their weather resistant nature means they do not need to be sanded and resealed after each storm like wooden windows because aluminium windows do not perish over time in the same way as wood.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to their insulating properties, especially when paired with glazed windows, aluminium window frames energy efficient and limit heat loss.

To realise your home or office design dreams for 2019 make use of beautiful and functional aluminium windows. Contact our professional team of aluminium window frame manufacturers for a quote to get your spaces all dolled up for the New Year.