Switch on the Sun

Here’s a quick fact: at its centre, the sun can reach temperatures of about 15 million °C. Here’s another fact: the sun exhibits a combination of all colours and the result, according to our vision, is a bright white light. Here’s a question: why do we underestimate the power and beauty of natural lighting?


A skylight is a window for outer space. It can light up a dull room, make a room feel more spacious, or heat up an otherwise chilly room. Even ventilation in a room is facilitated by a skylight because it releases the naturally rising warm air which results in effective circulation when cold air takes its place. These benefits save money and help to save our precious environment making it a worthwhile investment. Recommend a skylight as a practical feature in an office or a home.

That said, the planning and materials needed when installing a skylight require careful consideration. For example, you need to take the sun’s path into consideration because a skylight that receives direct sunlight can be a problem in the summer months; clients’ home could cease to be havens. A skylight also needs to be hardy so that it can endure unforgiving rays. It might be wise to approach a manufacturer of aluminium windows – a durable material like aluminium should ensure a long-lasting home feature. Plus, there are also many other advantages of selling aluminium doors and windows to your customers.

As for the actual window, glass and plastic are often used for skylights. When making your selection, the most important factor is weight. Plastic is generally lighter but glass is elegant and doesn’t scratch. Also remember that a skylight intended to provide a great view should be easy to clean.


What one needs to remember is that daylighting is a balancing act – especially where seasons are exceptionally disparate. This makes the orientation of a house or structure vitally important. You may even have to suggest the use of blinds and shades to control light in a building because achieving the mentioned balance is seldom easy. The arrangement of furniture and the choice of paint are also dependant on the natural lighting of a space. Keep in mind that different areas require different amounts of daylight: a kitchen would benefit more from natural lighting than a short corridor.

Absorb these daylighting tips like a lizard perched on a rock taking in the sun’s rays. Or rely on aluminium doors and windows specialists. Or try both. Just be sure to look to our very own bright celestial body before you reach for a bulb and some wires. Natural light is better.