Top 5 Benefits of installing Aluminium Shopfronts

RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows CC have been around for more than 35 years, specialising in aluminium windows & doors within the building trade. By using only the highest quality of architectural aluminium, supplied and powder-coated by Wispeco Aluminium (Pty.) Ltd, we ensure client satisfaction and shopfronts that are not only durable, but exterior looks that create excellent first impressions. The correct shop front can increase profit by an improved store “look” which attract more customers. The benefits for choosing RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows CC for your Aluminium Shop Front include:


  1. You’ll be helping the environment: Aluminium is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and used for various other product, while keeping its quality at the same time.
  2. Your business looks more appealing: An Aluminium Shopfront creates a cleaner, more sophisticated look to your business. The windows are seamless and the metal creates an up-market feel, which in return allows you to advertise window displays more efficiently and even the possibility of “upping “ your prices
  3. You will save money in the long run: Due to Aluminium’s durability, the chances of having to do shop renovations in terms of your shop front will be reduced, saving you money you can push into your business. Instead of scaring customers away during the construction process
  4. Aluminium is a great investment: Available in many colours, designs, and styles. Aluminium shopfronts improves the overall look of your business by giving you an overall clean, sophisticated appearance. It’s durable and cost effective, very low maintenance and relatively light weight. Your store will also be protected against the elements which includes rain, strong winds, hail and the harsh South African sun rays.
  5. You can add embellishments more easily: Aluminium is easy to cut, drill, weld, mill and bend in order to add any materials to your shopfront-such as adding signs. The flexibility to make changes is there.

Creating amazing first impressions, as a business owner, is vitally important to ensure the success and longevity of your store. It’s no use having excellent products or services, if your shopfront looks less desirable. Which is why choosing RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows CC for your shopfront would be an excellent choice. “Reliable, dynamic and affordable” – this is our commitment to service excellence. We only do it right!