Top 5 Eco-Friendly Building Materials We Recommend for 2017

As we find ourselves on the better half of another decade in the 21st century, we can look back at the construction industry’s progress towards becoming sustainable and eco-friendly. We’ve come a long way in curbing electricity usage in buildings processes, as well as electricity use in buildings themselves, which has dramatically reduced the need for harmful industrial material manufacture over the last hundred years or so.

It doesn’t stop there, however! Researchers, engineers and scientists are continuously working toward the discovery of more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and energy efficient methods of construction that will be safer for both us and our environment. Here’s our countdown of the top 5 materials that carry the torch into a more sustainable future this year:


Deforestation remains one of the biggest threats to our environment. Keeping plants from growing keeps nature from defending itself against the destruction we cause to our planet’s atmosphere. More trees will always mean more CO2 to O2 conversion through the process of photosynthesis, making long term investment in forestlands a great idea! Processing wood for construction also requires much less energy input and is generally more eco-friendly.


Never heard of this one before? It’s not exactly mainstream, but the process of promoting fungi growth around organic material to form strong, lightweight bricks through a moulding and air drying process is a definite winner in our eco-friendly list.


Bamboo enjoys a lot of public attention as an alternative building material, and the reasons for its popularity aren’t exaggerated! The light, strong building material isn’t only used to give your building an oriental appeal; in fact, bamboo plantations are among the largest renewable building resources on the planet and their integrity and light weight make them excellent choices for any construction project.


Going green all the way? You don’t have to be “The Hobbit” level eco-friendly and live underground to create a building that isn’t in conflict with its landscape. Creating walls and foundations out of rammed earth is nothing new. It also means that your building material is already available on-site and at no additional cost to your wallet, or our environment!


If you’re aiming to include a modern architectural element into your home, opt for the least energy intensive material available. Modern aluminium doors and windows are designed to retain heat, are manufactured under eco-friendly company regulations, are recyclable and are great at retaining heat and curbing energy expenditure. Make sure you get a hold of the right quality to ensure that your dwelling is as green as can be.