The Ultimate Guide to RDA Aluminium Sliding Doors

When designing an architecturally pleasing home, the most important aspect to remember is incorporating natural elements. Making use of natural lighting and mother-nature to spruce up your home is the easiest, most cost-effective way of accentuating your comfort zone. How do you do that? Well, you bring the outdoors inside and move the interior outdoors by adding RDA Aluminium Sliding Doors to your architecture:

You have options:

Sliding Doors

  • 700 Series Domestic Patio Doors:
    Meeting AAAMSA specifications, RDA’s 700 Series Domestic Patio Doors are designed to be customised, allowing any number of panels to be installed – according to your needs. The width of a single panel is 1500mm, with n height of 2100mm, but can be re-sized according to your specifications.

    For more information, see 700 Series Domestic Patio Doors

    700 Series Aluminium Domestic Patio Door

  • Aluminium Palace Sliding Doors:
    If you live in an area with high winds and unpredictable weather, this is the perfect choice for you. Palace Sliding Doors can be custom sized according to your needs, however, they’re available in single panel width of 1500mm and a maximum height of 3000mm – taking up less space than conventional sliding doors.

    For more information, see Aluminium Palace Sliding Doors

    Aluminium Palace Sliding Doors

    Sliding Folding Doors

  • VistaFold Folding Aluminium Sliding Doors:
    As one of the most popular sliding doors in the RDA Aluminium Sliding Door range, they’re highly aesthetically pleasing to the eye – available in a standard height of 2100mm. When opened, the panels fold flat against each other, saving space – allowing the outdoors into your interior living space. Ideal for hot summer days, and creating warm, natural winter sun to enter your home without needing to open a single door.

    For more information, see VistaFold Folding Aluminium Sliding Doors

    VistaFold Folding Aluminium Sliding Doors

    Available colours for RDA Aluminium doors:

  • Anodized aluminium
  • Bronze
  • White
  • Black Grey

    Bring a little bit of nature into your home without losing your sense of security, and save on electricity costs this winter by installing aluminium doors which allow natural sunlight to penetrate your home – bringing to life any room, on any given time.