Using Aluminium Doors for a Secure and Functional Commercial Space

Aluminium doors are beneficial for multiple reasons. Aluminium is:

    Thermally conductive.

All of these properties allow for its successful application in commercial spaces in the form of aluminium doors and windows.

The strength of the aluminium frame permits changes and modifications to suit the space.


Having a folding sliding door in your restaurant space can make the perfect ambience because it allows light and fresh air to flow in uninhibited. The flow of people won’t result in traffic as the doors can be pushed to the side and out of the way, creating even more space!

The versatile nature of folding sliding doors is that they can be as open or as closed as you like without conceding needed space. This makes them perfect for a bustling restaurant environment.

Store Fronts

Sliding doors that can be kept closed throughout the day without compromising light or visibility. The use of limited space is optimised by the sliding aluminium door’s design. They are available in a variety of colours to suit any aesthetic.

Folding sliding doors can also work here, though full glass sliding doors allow for smaller spaces to remain visible, even after hours!


A strong aluminium frame for a door can hold many security modifications. It is durable enough to hold any kind of modifications made to glass:

Bullet Proofing/ Ballistic Glass: bulletproof glass can be up to 89mm thick. To support this weight, an aluminium frame is needed. The door is now made of layers of laminated glass and is virtually impenetrable.

Laminated or shatterproof glass: this glass is heavier than regular glass, but is best to use in commercial spaces to avoid the injury of customers and patrons. If the glass does happen to crack, there is an internal layer of plastic which keeps the glass from shattering into large sharp shards. The large shards of glass are very dangerous and could easily hurt someone. With the way laminated glass stays together in small, almost blunt pieces is a much safer option.

The resilient nature of aluminium makes it the only choice for a better, brighter and safer business.