Using Aluminium Folding Doors to Create the Perfect Patio

Summer loving is incomplete without the perfect patio for those lazy summer evenings or the Sunday family braais. By constructing a house with a patio, or building a patio onto an already existing house, the aesthetic appeal of the house immediately increases, as well as the entertainment aspect.

Everyone wants a spot to braai, tan, have a cocktail, or to spend some good quality family time outdoors: a well-constructed patio will deliver all those things, and more. Beginning with a high-calibre architectural aluminium door to lead out onto the patio, to planning your outdoor lounge area, the following tips will help you create the perfect patio for the summer season.

Size and Space

When planning your patio, you need to consider the size, space and design based on the purpose you wish the space to serve. The following questions will assist you when designing your functional patio:

  • Is your patio meant as a garden retreat to escape the city life, or is it a place to look at the city skyline?
  • Is your idea for this patio to be an extreme social area, or a peaceful refuge?
  • What appliances or furniture will this space require?
  • Is there a way, which is both convenient and aesthetic, to enter and exit the space?

Natural Blends

You will want all aspects related to the patio to blend into the rest of the house seamlessly, this is particularly important when you are building a patio onto an existing structure. By using aluminium folding doors, the entranceway to your patio from the house does minimal difference to the other elements, and it blends the indoors nicely with the outdoors based on how open and transparent it is. Aluminium is also an easy material to prep should you wish to make it a different colour.

High-Quality Materials

Always use the highest quality materials to construct your patio, this will not only ensure that your construction lasts longer but also it minimises the risk of damage to the house as it is less likely that something will go wrong or come loose. High-quality architectural aluminium doors are particularly important as this is the one element of the patio which will affect the house’s structure the most.

For durable, high-quality aluminium doors, in Gauteng be sure to contact us and we can get started on your perfect patio creation as soon as possible.