What Does Double Glazing Refer To In Aluminium Windows?

With all the various understandings of what glazing actually refers to, it’s understandable to wonder what exactly double glazing really means when talking about aluminium windows aluminium windows. Many customers and even some contractors are asking this exact question, so we’re going to give you quick and simple answer.

Double Glazing – A Definition

While most people immediately assume double glazing means the glass in your aluminium windows has been glazed twice, that is incorrect. It actually refers to two panes of glass in place, separated by a spacer. The space between the panes will typically be filled with either air or gas (usually xenon or argon gas).

The Benefits

It’s Comfortably Efficient

On top of the temperature regulating capabilities of aluminium, adding double glazed glass to your aluminium windows will add to this even further capability. Whereas around 40% of your home’s heat loss can occur through single-pane windows, the gas/air-filled gap between the panes in double glazed windows acts as an effective insulation layer. That means it helps maintain the temperature and the comfort of your home.

On that point, because you won’t need to spend as much on electricity to run heaters and air conditioners, you save money on energy costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s Trendy

While being eco-friendly is quite trendy, double glazed aluminium windows also factor into the 2018 trend of blurring the lines between outside and inside spaces. Thanks to the versatility of the metal and the insulating capabilities of double glazing, professional aluminium window manufacturers, like our team at RDA, can easily make a variety of large windows to help you invite the outside and sunlight in. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a very real and very efficient means of entering the realm of trend-setting property now.


Double glazing presents a great way to secure your windows as well, especially if you are making use of toughened or laminated glass. Each pane can be securely strong on its own, and with two of these your security is heightened even more, providing an extra layer in stop intruders. Furthermore, in the case of impacts intended to break the window, the gap between the panes can also act as a shock-absorber to a certain extent, making sure that intruders have a really hard time breaking a double glazed window.

Get Your Own Double Glazed Aluminium Windows

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