What Does Double Glazing Refer to in Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium window frames are becoming a relatively popular choice when installing double-glazed windows. They have an array of benefits; from improving temperature control, to boosting eco-efficiency, and more.

Double-Glazing: A Definition

Double-glazing refers to two panes of glass that are set in place via a frame. The two panes of glass are separated by a spacer. The space between the two sheets of glass is filled with either dehydrated air, or gas. If gas is used, it consists of either xenon, or argon gas.

The Benefits of Double-Glazed Windows

Improved Temperature Control

As mentioned, double-glazed aluminium windows improve temperature control. Single-pane windows allow heat to transfer from one side to the other. In contrast, double-glazed aluminium windows prevent heat from transferring from one side of the glass, to the other, meaning that heat will not escape the home via windowpanes in winter, and will not enter the home in summer. This allows for greater savings, due to the reduced need for heating and cooling agents. By reducing the use of heating and cooling agents, your carbon footprint will also be minimised.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

Indoor/outdoor living is the trend of blending your indoor and outdoor spaces. A popular way of doing this, is creating a “wall” of aluminium sliding folding doors that can be opened, and stacked to create the illusion that your home flows into your outside space, whether that space be your patio or your garden. Due to the improved temperature control and effective insulation, double-glazed aluminium windows allow for indoor/outdoor living to become a reality. At RDA, we have a variety of aluminium frames that can be fitted with double-glazed windows, including aluminium sliding folding doors.

Decreased Noise Levels

Due to the enhanced insulation, double-glazed aluminium windows have the ability to reduce noise levels. They can significantly reduce traffic noise, as well as other forms of noise pollution such as noisy neighbours. It can also reduce the amount of noise escaping from your home.

Get Your Own Double-Glazed Aluminium Windows

RDA is an established aluminium window and door manufacturer, with more than 49 years of combined experience within the aluminium trade. We are able to design, manufacture, and install double-glazed aluminium window and door systems. Contact us at RDA, to find out how we can improve your property, with double-glazed aluminium windows and doors.