What I Wish I Had Known When I Built My Home

For those who have been home owners for years we have learnt “what not to do” through years of experience. Building a home when you are young and starting a family is a fun and exciting experience, but be sure to make the right choices to ensure smooth sailing down the line.

When building a home one tries to choose the most cost effective items, or features, that still look stylish and professional. This is all good and well, but sometimes our “dreams” get in the way of practicality and we let ourselves chooses something that we think looks nice rather than something that will last. Then, we tell ourselves that the high maintenance these materials need will be worth the effort – that we would rather have wooden window frames and sand them down each year because they remind us of the windows of the house we grew up in.

This starts off as a fun activity, you sand down, re-paint, and replace the window putty regularly; and then it gets tiresome. It isn’t as easy or as “fun” when you have grown older and no longer have the time or energy for this maintenance. This is why I believe that things should be done right the first time around. It is much easier than having to replace the trend with the practical a few year down the line – and cheaper.

Steel and wooden window frames use putty, which, when broken, can be a terrible eyesore. If putty if left too long it becomes brittle and tarts to fall out. This means that the windows become less secure against both weather and burglars. While you can buy putty at any hardware store, cleaning old putty out of the window and replacing it can be a time consuming and messy job. Wooden window frames have a strip of wood called beading that runs around the inside of the frame. This can also start to fall apart, compromising the security of the window, if not regularly maintained.

Aluminum window frames are the king of ease and low maintenance; they are functional, well designed and fully protected against weather and harmful effects of the environment. They are also resistant against any corrosion, distortion and rusting; thus bridging the gap between inexpensive and efficient – while still looking stylish. Best of all these aluminum frames will not go out of style as trends change but rather remain a neutral and classy base to complement any changing décor.