What Our AAAMSA Accreditation Means For You

RDA Aluminium works hard to provide clients with quality service and products. Accreditation through the Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA) clearly demonstrates the RDA commitment to this relationship with its customers. 

What is AAAMSA?

AAAMSA is an association founded in 1974 by eight different companies that wanted to ensure high standards in their work and help customers to distinguish between this professional level of architectural work and others. Accreditation with AAAMSA is a badge of honour for any company in the architectural materials business.

Terms and Conditions for Acquiring and Maintaining AAAMSA Accreditation

The acquisition and maintenance of membership with AAAMSA requires demonstration of a high level of commitment to customer relationships as well as dedication to excellence in business operations. Application for this accreditation, approval and maintenance of membership all call for RDA to excel in serving its customer base devotedly.

  • The Application Process

Successfully applying for AAAMSA accreditation requires an established reputation for excellence in the architectural aluminium trade. Applicants must divulge the customary information about business size. However, in addition to these figures, an applicant must provide references both from the trade itself as well as a reference from a bank. Data about the largest fulfilled contracts must also be furnished.

  • Pledged to Customer Service

AAAMSA requires all members honoured with accreditation to respond to complaints registered by its customers. To further this effort, AAAMSA maintains contact information for all manufacturers on its website.

This fulfills the primary goal of the association, which is to ensure that the business environment in which associated companies work remains one that operates on a basis of trust, good will and honesty.

  • Customer Education

When a company like RDA becomes an accredited member of AAAMSA, tested products are recognized as AAAMSA certified. Any company which states that its products are certified through this association can point out the location of such products on the Certified Products Directory of the AAAMSA website.

  • Adhering to AAAMSA Guidelines

Manufacturers accredited by AAAMSA must adhere to strict rules with regard to the quality of their work and the safety of their products. A number of certificates must be obtained prior to the commencement of any work. These certificates guarantee that materials meet government regulations and other standards for quality. Furthermore, the association assists accredited members with meeting energy efficiency standards required by the government for all buildings.

RDA Aluminium takes great pride in its accreditation with AAAMSA. This recognition is more than a badge of honour. It puts the business in good company by associating it with only the best of its competition. It also motivates employees at all levels of the company to maintain a dedication to excellence.