What Permission Do I Need Before Installing New Doors?

If you have ever renovated, reconstructed or refurbished a home, you are probably well familiar with the stress that comes along with all the excitement. When it comes to adding or replacing doors, you may find yourself navigating through piles of paperwork before you get started; this can be frustrating.

Making sure you adhere to regulations is essential when it comes to any renovations done to your home as it can save you from complications further down the line. Any negligence can lead to problems; for example, if a buyer asks to see building plans and you have not marked the changes, you can get into a lot of trouble.

Below is a question many people ask:

Do I need approval from the local building regulations authority before installing a door?

You only need to ask for permission when you change the structure of a building. For example, enlarging your living room or moving your front door to the left or right requires permission. Also, any changes done near your central draining system will need to be approved by the local authority. Keep in mind that various town planning committees have a stricter set of rules in place to ensure uniformity, therefore, more rules will need to be adhered to when it comes to renovations and reconstruction.

Replacing a door with a similar door without making any alterations to your wall should not typically require any permission as there are no regulations against such changes. Therefore, if your old wooden door needs to be replaced with a new, sturdy modern door, you probably won’t need to go through wads of paperwork, unless you change the original structure of the house or make changes to the drainage system.

Remember- always ask for approval if you install a different shaped or larger door, just in case, to avoid any chances of being fined.

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Source: Renovation & Remodeling Tips