Why Aluminium is the Best Material for Your Doors

Throughout the history of civilization there have been many different materials used to make doors. Everything from leather flaps to massive chunks of steel, it’s all been used in their construction. At RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows CC we supply the best aluminium doors in Johannesburg, because we’ve learnt a few things about why aluminium is the best material for your doors.

How aluminium is better than wood

Wood has been a dominant door material for many years. It is aesthetically pleasing and often provides home owners with a sense of privacy and security. However, wood requires constant maintenance to keep up its aesthetic appeal. On top of the fairly regular sanding and varnishing, wooden doors are also susceptible to bleaching in the sun and rotting in wetter climates, along with a range of other possible damages from exposure to the elements.

Aluminium does not have this problem, as it is highly resistant to corrosion and requires next to no maintenance. Architectural aluminium doors, when exposed to air, naturally produce a thin coat of aluminium oxide which seals the metal against corrosion, so you don’t have to go to any lengths to treat it. And if this layer is damaged, it repairs itself. Architectural aluminium doors are made to your exact requirements in terms of shape and size, so when it is installed it will seal off the area perfectly and prevent any moisture from entering through gaps or cracks.

How aluminium is better than steel

Steel is known to be one of the heaviest and sturdiest materials on Earth. Whenever you think of bank vaults, you most likely think of intricate locking mechanisms set into a giant chunk of solid steel. While steel does work well for vaults and bunkers, it is extremely heavy, and both the material and transport thereof are excessively expensive.

Aluminium is a much lighter material, and far more common – it is the third most abundant of all the elements in the Earth’s crust. This makes it more affordable to acquire and transport. Despite aluminium being so much lighter, though, it has proven to provide double the energy absorption capacity of steel in motor vehicle safety tests.

Aside from the surprising safety strength and clear cost benefits, aluminium provides more comfort than steel. This is because aluminium has roughly three times the thermal conductivity of steel. So with aluminium you have far less heat loss or gain, and thus more stable and comfortable temperature control within the space.

As you can see, aluminium doors give you great value for money, more comfortable temperatures and much less wasted time and money on maintenance. Contact RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows to get the best out of quality aluminium doors in Johannesburg.