Why Is Aluminium Such a Popular Building Material?

Aluminium has been used since Swedish Jöns Jacob Berzelius, one of the founders of modern chemistry, suggested the formula in 1815. By 1890 it was being mass produced to make everything from eyeglass frames to World War 1 aircraft in the early 1900s. Aluminium has since become known for its benefits when applied to construction projects.

The Benefits of Aluminium

Air Tight

When you make a door or window from aluminium you are pretty much guaranteed the only time a draught will pass through is when you open it. Aluminium doors and windows are popular in all application, but this feature means they are especially popular in a world with heating and cooling controlled inside.

Large buildings make use of this to ensure the temperature inside is easier to regulate and keep constant. It also prevents dust and particles from creeping in through the cracks in window and door frames. It is also insular so it will keep the inside of any building, big or small, temperature regulated. Even an aluminium folding door will have the same effect, so this material is effective regardless of style.


When you take the weight to strength ratio of aluminium into consideration its appeal becomes exceptionally clear. Even small accents of aluminium can make a structure stronger. It can bear the weight of huge panes of glass and other structures. The fact that it is so strong (along with its other features) means that it is a product with an exceedingly long shelf life. The building will be due for an aesthetic remodel long before the aluminium is old enough to justify replacing it.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium has a natural oxide coating that acts as a barrier against the elements that cause other metals to deteriorate. This adds to its longevity and beautiful appearance.


No matter what aluminium was used for, it is 100% recyclable.

Low Maintenance

An aluminium door frame can be wiped off with a cloth and that’s about all the maintenance it needs in a week, if that. The natural oxide coating keeps it bright and all it will need is a shine every now and again to remove oil. Aluminium applications in high traffic areas like balustrades may need a polish more often than something that is not usually touched like aluminium doors and windows.


Aluminium is highly reflective and adds a modern twist to any application. The fact that it is beautiful is just the cherry on top of all its other benefits.

If you wish to apply these benefits, contact us at RDA and we will supply you with aluminium doors and windows that make your next construction truly shine!