Why it is good to use aluminium in gyms

Ever wonder why so many gyms use aluminium in their doors, windows and in even in some equipment? Well, because entering a gym that is both clean and attractive has psychological benefits on a person that leads to successful training and fitness.

General tidiness and maintenance has a large impact on the physical appearance of a gym, so how can design styles and equipment contribute to a good first, and lasting impression? Here are 6 reasons why aluminium doors, aluminium windows and aluminium gym equipment is the best option to go for when designing a gym:

  • Aluminium is more hygienic than other materials. It’s one of the easiest materials to clean, it is fingerprint resistant, and most importantly, the metal itself is non-toxic and releases no bad odours.
  • Aluminium is high in strength, impact resistant, corrosion resistant, and is not affected by temperature change.
  • Aluminium is an extremely lightweight material that has superior malleability. This means that aluminium is suitable for any area of the gym; its seamless nature also means that it can take on various shapes and sizes without loosening or presenting cracks over time.
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable. Since people go to the gym to take care of their own well being, they probably care about the well being of the environment too. An increasing use of aluminium in public environments will have a drastic eco-friendly effect on our planet.
  • Aluminium water bottles are far better to use than conventional plastic bottles. Aluminium does not release toxic substances like plastic bottles do and it also keeps water clean and cold for longer!
  • Liquid paint, powder-coating and nano-coating technology has allowed us to modify the colour of aluminium and expand our options to a large variety of colours. This mean that aluminium can be manipulated to suit unique style designs for added aesthetic benefits.

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