Why You Need Aluminium Folding Doors

Aluminium folding doors have a whole host of benefits for homes, businesses and commercial spaces. The design of aluminium folding doors from RDA Aluminiumalong with the benefits associated with aluminium is what makes them ideal for any space.

Connecting Your Space with the Great Outdoors Aluminium Folding Doors

This one simple installation can completely transform the way you use spaces. By creating seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors you embrace the South African climate with open arms.

Aluminium folding doors allow you to connect your patio, living room or anywhere really to the outside. This means you can place a braai area and a nice big table right outside the door for streamlined entertaining.

Streamlined Entertaining

If you have ever had a dinner party or worked in a restaurant without aluminium folding doors you will know the struggle of trying to open and close doors with your hands full. Some take on multiple trips to leave a hand free for opening the door while other brave souls try to balance everything in their hands to open the door. I’m sure that even these brave people will tell you that they have dropped someone’s lunch before.

With folding aluminium sliding doors they are pushed to the side and left out of sight and out of mind so that people can move freely between the spaces. This is much better than trying to negotiate with a door while you try to serve your guests a meal. Now there will be no excuse not to have a braai.

Energy Efficient Architectural Aluminium Doors

Aluminium folding doors from RDA Aluminium come with extras that make them even more energy efficient. The VistaFold folding aluminium sliding doors can be combined with improved weather stripping and thermal insulation. This means you will need less electricity to power artificial temperature regulators like air conditioning and heaters and likely for less time because the outdoors are not influencing the indoor temperature as much.

Stylish Design

Architectural aluminium doors, especially in the form of aluminium folding doors have an unmatched interior design appeal. They are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit the style of your home, business or commercial space.

If you are looking for a reliable distributor of aluminium doors in Gauteng look no further than RDA Aluminium.