Why You Should Consider Getting Aluminium Folding Doors This Summer

In a climate like South Africa’s, the method and material used for buildings is of utmost importance and it can make or break the functionality of a space. This is especially true of hot climates which explains the ever growing popularity of aluminium doors in Gauteng. With the hot weather on its way it may be time to consider investing in come chic aluminium folding doors for your home this summer. Here are just some of the reasons aluminium doors, as well as aluminium folding doors, are a great choice to enjoy from one summer through to the next (and the next, and the next).

Aluminium Folding Doors are Exceedingly Secure

When installing aluminium doors in Johannesburg, a question we often get asked is whether or not the doors are secure. The aluminium doors from RDA are strong and secure and you can take additional measures to beef up security even more should you so choose. A multipoint lock will create an increasingly secure set up for your aluminium folding door with at least three locking points and a latch along the length of the door. This means any would-be intruder needs to get through multiple locking systems before the door will budge. RDA supply frames that are designed to have these systems seamlessly installed for optimal security.

With the multipoint locking system installed along with the high quality nature of the glass and aluminium used to construct the doors, you will have an aesthetically pleasing security solution that gives you peace of mind too.

Airtight Nature Means You Control How Much of the Outdoors are Allowed in

Aluminium doors in Gauteng remain the most popular choice because it is energy efficient and a better conductor than other material options like wood or vinyl. When used in conjunction with a thermal break in the glass frames, aluminium folding doors prevent cold or heat from being conducted through the frame.

This means that temperature is very much in your control as you decide when to open and close the aluminium doors and windows in your home. This will save you money on heating and cooling as well as learning to use the seasons to dictate your comfort indoors which is a much more natural way to control the temperature in your home. You have complete control through the simplicity of a functional and cleverly designed aluminium folding door.

If you are in the market for a remodel this summer, consider visiting the best distributor, RDA for aluminium doors in Gauteng. Your new aluminium folding doors will not only look impressive but change the way in which you appreciate the South African climate. Contact us for more details.