Window Shopping? Choose Side Hung Aluminium Windows

There are many reasons why home owners should opt for aluminium when it comes to choosing the material for window frames. Architectural aluminium has proven to be the preferred option as has been realised by professional aluminium window manufacturers, RDA Aluminium. Here are just 5 reason why our aluminium windows are the best choice for your home.

1. Superior Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency of Aluminium

Architectural aluminium far outweighs its closest competitors when it comes to effective heatinsulation. Aluminium windows reach an often exceed energy efficiency standards simply based on how truly effective architectural aluminium is in this aspect.

The success of aluminium window frames is based in the fact that its air-tightness along with optimised in-house energy makes for a warmer home with less draughts resulting in lower energy bills for artificial heating and cooling.

2. Low Carbon Footprint

Due to the superior thermal performance offered by aluminium window frames your home’s windows will have a low carbon footprint.

Aluminium is also 100% recyclable without losing any of its properties, which further reduces the carbon footprint of using architectural aluminium for the windows in your home.

3. Low Maintenance and Durable

Aluminium is a corrosion resistant metal, this means that aluminium does not rust. This means that aluminium windows are ideal even in areas with harsh weather conditions and frequent rainfall.

Aluminium will not warp, bend, crack or split over time in any conditions, meaning the installation of your aluminium windows will last until you decide to replace them.

4. Aluminium Windows are Affordable

Thanks to how well aluminium lends itself to being recycled it is a readily available building material sold at a stable rate. Above all aluminum doors and windows are available at an affordable price.

5. Design Flexibility

Thanks to the unparalleled strength aluminium provides it’s only design limitations are your imagination. Aluminium can be made into any shape your heart desires without sacrificing any of its strength or other properties.

For all of this and more, give RDA Aluminium a call.